Brushed Motor Driver Board PDB – 6X 10A MOSFET

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Brushless motors require an ESC (speed controller) to drive them, whereas brushed or cordless motors require a MOSFET to drive them. Some brushed micro drone flight controllers have FETs built into them for this purpose, however if yours doesn’t, or you would like to use a regular brushless flight controller like a Naze32 to control your micro drone, then you will need to use a brushed motor driver board like this one. It’s simple to use, provide 1-2s power to the PDB, connect you motors to the appropriate channel on the PDB (up to 6 coreless motors supported M1 – M6) and then take the corresponding PWM signal wires back to your FC.


  • Mini and lightweight. 
  • Support for the brushless flight controller based on Cleanflight, such as Naze32, SP RACING F3 etc.
  • Support for 6-way output, can be used on hexacopter and quadcopter. 
  • Large current MOS transistors, operating current of up to 10A for each output. 
  • Support of all the coreless motor, including 1020 coreless motor.

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