Capacitive Moisture Sensor (Corrosion-Resistant)

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Capacitive Moisture Sensor (Corrosion Resistant) is a soil moisture sensor based on capacitance changes. Compared with resistive sensors, capacitive sensors do not require direct exposure of the metal electrodes, which can significantly reduce the erosion of the electrodes. Hence, we call it Corrosion Resistant.

It is important to note that this sensor can only qualitatively test the humidity of the soil and cannot measure quantitatively. Which means when the humidity of the soil rises, the value of the output decreases; conversely, when the humidity decreases, the output value becomes higher.


  • Capacitive Style
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Built-in Amplifier


Operating Voltage3.3V / 5V
Output InterfaceAnalog
sizeL: 40mm W: 20mm H: 13mm
Package sizeL: 150mm W: 100mm H: 15mm
Gross Weight19g

Typical Applications

  • Soil moisture detection
  • Automatic watering of plants

Hardware Overview

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