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PIR sensor is an IR sensor to detect human motions. This Grove Digital PIR Sensor is the cheapest PIR sensor in the PIR families, however, it is able to give a quick response and generate a high signal from the “sig” Pin.

With the Grove interface, the Grove digital PIR Sensor is easy to be plugged and played. And it doesn’t need any Arduino Library.


  • Budget-friendly: less than 3 dollars
  • Intuitive: detect motion and output with only ‘high’ and ‘low’ digital signals
  • Simple: no external arduino library required
  • Interface: Grove


Voltage range3V–5V
Detecting angle100 degree
Detecting distance3.2m-12m
Response time< 1s
Working temp-20-85 C
Dimensions20mm * 20mm * 11.5mm

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