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This Dust Sensor gives a good indication of the air quality in an environment by measuring the dust concentration. The Particulate Matter level (PM level) in the air is measured by counting the Low Pulse Occupancy time (LPO time) in given time unit. LPO time is proportional to PM concentration. This sensor can provide reliable data for air purifier systems; it is responsive to PM of diameter 1μm.


  • Stable and sensitive detection of not only cigarette smoke but also house dust which are indoor asthma triggers.
  • Air is self-aspirated with the current of air generation mechanism with a built-in heater.
  • Easy maintenance. High sensitivity lasts long term.
  • Dual output for the particle size over 1 micron and 2.5 micron (approx).
  • More compact and lighter, and easy installation.


Standby Current Supply90mA
Detectable range of concentration0~28,000 / 0 ~ 8000pcs/liter / pcs/0.01cf
Operating Temperature Range0~45°C
Output MethodNegative Logic, Digital output, High: over 4.0V(Rev.2), Low: under 0.7V
Detecting the particle diameter>1μm
Dimensions59(W) × 45(H) × 22(D)mm
Humidity Range95% rh or less

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