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Electronic sensors are widely used in our daily lives and they help us in providing useful measurements and feedback control.

They are used in many applications like Temperature control, Elevator Control, Door Controls, Fitness trackers, smoke detectors User Interface etc.

In this article, I intend to provide a list of sensors used for Human Machine Interface (HMI) , their native technology and their applications.


Sensor technology


Footfall Counter

Passive Infrared (PIR ) , Time of Flight (ToF).

NCS36000, RS08KA, MCP2122, OPT3101,VL53L1CX, OPT8241, AK9753

Conveyor Belt Counter

Passive Infrared(PIR), Time of Flight(ToF).

BISS0001, VL53L1CB

Automatic Door Opener

Passive Infrared(PIR), Time of Flight(ToF).

VL53L0X, iSL29147IROMZ-T7

Elevator Door Sensor

Passive Infrared(PIR), millimeter wave(mmWave), Time of Flight(ToF).

IWR6843AOP, VL6180V1

Smoke Detector, Flame sensor

Photo electric, Carbon Mono oxide detector(CO)

TPS8802, RE46C120E16F, YG1006 flame sensor

Water Quality Sensor

Total dissolved solids( TDS)

Gravity analog TDS sensor

Humidity Sensor

Capacitance based Humidity sensor IC

HDC2080, HTS221

Fitness sensor, Wearables

LED and photodiode for heart rate, barometer, MEMS Microphone, MEMS motion, MEMS Inertial sensors, 9 axis MEMS.

AFE4400, ICM-20948, DPS310, ICM-42688, MPU9250

Touch sensor

Capacitive touch sensor


Mouse sensor

Optoelectronics sensor


Face Detection

Camera, Human Vision, Computer Vision, Time of Flight (ToF)

B5T-007001, APDS-9500, OPT8241, SFH 4780S

Finger print scanner

Capacitive, Thermal, CMOS, Optical sensor, Digital signal processing (DSP)

FPC1010, FPC1610 Atmel Fingerchip

Distance sensor


PGA450-Q1, MSP430FR6045

Temperature sensor

Infrared, thermocouple, thermistors

APDS-9500, MTCH101C-I/OT, TH 02 Humidity and temperature sensor

Soil Moisture sensor

Resistance based probes

HDC2021, HDC2080, Moisture sensor probes

Geo location sensor

GPS receiver chip

MAX2769, TESEO-Liv3F

Speed sensor

Hall effect sensors

TLE4921, DRV5023, MLX90290, LIS2MDLTR,SS51AT

Steering sensor

Angle sensor, magneto resistive technology (ixMR)

TLE4990, TLE4997

Vehicle Tire pressure sensor

Pressure sensor


Vehicle Lane change assist, blind spot detection, Collision avoidance, Emergency brake assist

77Ghz SiGe RADAR technology ,mmWave technology, LiDAR

RXN774x, AWR1443, TFMini-Micro LiDAR

Vehicle Speed Gun

RADAR K band (24 Ghz) , Ka (27-40 Ghz) band, LIDAR, Camera

MACS-007801, BGT24LTR11

Weight scale

Load Cell Resistive bridge sensor

MS430F42xA, AFE4300

Body fat sensor

Bioelectrical impedance analysis


Street daylight control

Ambient light sensor

OPT3001, ALS-PT19-315C ambient light sensor

Social Distancing sensor

Ultrasonic Time of Flight sensor


Gesture Sensor

MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit, Image processing

LSM9DS1, APDS-9500, MGC3130, MGC3030, Gesture v1

Gaming and Virtual Reality Sensor

MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit, Hall effect sensor

LSM9DS1, MLX90393

Air Quality Sensor

Optical Particle sensor

B5W-LD0101, Laser PM 2.5 sensor

Environment Sensor

Temperature, Humidity, Ultra Violet, Noise, Acceleration

2JCIE-BL01, MD-42688-P

Intrusion Detection, Burglar Alarm

Passive Infrared technology, Pyroelectric technology

LPV802, TLV3691

Smart payment cards

Near field Communication (NFC) 13.56 Mhz


Soap Dispenser, Sanitizer dispenser

Infrared sensor, Solenoid


LCD Touch Screen sensor

Projected Capacitive Touch Screen

Admetro, ATMXT449TD

Contactless Door lock Sensor

Hall effect latch


Laptop cover sensor

Hall effect switch


Wireless Charger alignment

Hall effect switch


Fridge Door Sensor

Hall effect switch


Electric Treadmill

Hall effect sensor, Infrared sensor, Linear Hall effect sensor

TLE499X, DRV5055, TMAG5124

Contactless Touch Screen

Light detection and ranging (LIDAR)


Retail inventory tracking

Radio frequency identification (RFID) 868-950 Mhz, Near field communication (NFC) 13.56 Mhz

CC1101, TRF7970A

Smart payment cards

Near Field Communication(NFC) 13.56 Mhz

RF430CL330H, ST25R3914

Auto Toll gate system

UHF RFID 860 Mhz-960Mhz

Alien Higgs-3

Robot Cleaner sensor

Optical tracking, Ultrasonic, Time of Flight (ToF)


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