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Mistral’s i.MX6 Nano SOM is a small form factor I.MX6 system on module providing very high processing power. The I.MX6 system on module is built around the powerful 800MHz i.MX6 Dual/Quad Core, ARM Cortex A9 SoC from Freescale with a maximum clock frequency of 1.2GHz. The Nano SoM is designed using a micro-BGA (0.4mm Pitch 12mm x 12mm) i.MX6Q SoC using PoP (Package on Package) memory assembly to ensure compact package. With a PCB size of just 44mm X 26mm, this is one of the smallest I.MX6 system on module available in the market currently. The i.mx6 Nano SOM comes with BSP Binaries for Android Kitkat and Yocto Linux.

Based on a complete “System on Module” architecture, the I.MX6 system on module consists of SoC, PMIC, LPDDR2 memory and wireless connectivity. All the other interfaces are terminated to expansion connectors. The i.MX6 system on module and the i.MX6 Development Platform together form an ideal to kick-start the design and development for devices requiring small foot-print and high processing power.


  • CPU
    • i.MX6 Quad/Dual ARM Cortex-A9 SoC
  • Memory
    • 1GB LPDDR2 (PoP)
    • 4GB eMMC
  • Connectivity
    • On board Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and BT 4.0 Module
  • Power
    • PMIC support for power sequencing, multi-output power source to SoC
    • 3.7V DC Input
  • USB OTG interface
  • Debug options
    • UART Console
    • JTAG interface
  • Interface connectors (Board to Board)
  • Dimension: 44mm * 26mm

Interfaces on iMX6 SoM Board to Board  Connectors

  • PCIe  2.0 x1 interface
  • Display :
    • LVDS – 3 Data Lanes + Clock
    • MIPI DSI – 2 Data Lanes + Clock
    • HDMI interface
  • Camera interface :
    • MIPI CSI2 – 4 Data Lanes + Clock
    • 8-Bit parallel Camera
  • Audio :
    • I2S interface
  • USB :
    • USB Host 2.0
    • USB OTG 2.0
  • Storage :
    • SD/MMC 4-Bit
  • Network Interface :
    • RGMII
  • EIM 16-Bit interface
  • SPI interface
  • I2C interfaces
  • GPIOs and PWM signals
  • Debug Interface :
    • UART Serial
    • JTAG Interface
  • System control signal:
    • Reset, OTG Charge Detect


  • PoP Based imx6 som
  • Software Package
  • Online Documentation

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