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This is a Grove interface compatible Magnetic switch module. It is based on encapsulated dry reed switch CT10. CT10 is single-pole, single throw (SPST) type, having normally open ruthenium contacts. The sensor is a double-ended type and may be actuated with an electromagnet, a permanent magnet or a combination of both. The magnetic switch is a wonderful tool for designers who would like to turn a circuit on and off based on proximity.

Application Ideas

  • Proximity Sensor
  • Security Alarm Sensor
  • Level Sensor
  • Flow Sensor
  • Pulse Counter


Working Voltage4.755.05.25V
Switched Power10W
Switched Voltage AC,RMS value(max)< 140V
Switched Current DC< 500mA
Carry Current DC< 0.5A
Contact Resistance<200
Insulation Resistance>106
Operating Temperature-40125
Operate Range1040AT

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