MCP1702 : Low dropout voltage regulator

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The MCP1702 is a family of CMOS low dropout (LDO)voltage regulators that can deliver up to 250 mA of current while consuming only 2.0 µA of quiescent current (typical). The input operating range is specified
from 2.7V to 13.2V, making it an ideal choice for two to six primary cell battery-powered applications, 9V alkaline and one or two cell Li-Ion-powered applications.

Pin Out :

Features :

Accuracy2 %
Dropout Voltage330 mV
Input Bias Current2 µA
Max Input Voltage13.2 V
Max Operating Temperature125 °C
Max Output Current250 mA
Max Output Voltage1.8 V
Max Supply Voltage13.2 V
Min Input Voltage2.7 V
Min Operating Temperature-40 °C
Min Output Voltage1.8 V
Min Supply Voltage2.7 V
Nominal Output Voltage1.8 V
Nominal Supply Current5 µA
Number of Outputs1
Output Current250 mA
Output TypeFixed
Output Voltage1.8 V
Output Voltage Accuracy2 %
Power Dissipation253 mW
Quiescent Current5 µA

Applications :

Battery-powered Devices
• Battery-powered Alarm Circuits
• Smoke Detectors
• CO2 Detectors
• Pagers and Cellular Phones
• Smart Battery Packs
• Low Quiescent Current Voltage Reference
• PDAs
• Digital Cameras
• Microcontroller Power
• Solar-Powered Instruments
• Consumer Products
• Battery Powered Data Loggers

Typical Application Circuit :

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