MLX90393 Digital Hall Sensor Module

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MLX90393 module is a powerful, versatile, ultra-small, universal 3D hall effect sensor module that can be easily fitted into any DIY projects where 3D position detection is required. It provides 44,000uT maximum full-scale resolution with a resolution rate of 0.161uT and requires only 100uA of current.

Compared with the size, it has a very powerful magnetic field sensing ability that can easily detect very small magnetic fields and provides the data via SPI and I2C protocols.

It works as a compass sensor but can also be used as a non-contact controller, linear actuator position sensor, or a flow meter with a magnetic impeller.

MLX90393 Digital Hall Sensor Pinout Configuration

Pin NumberPin NameDescriptions
1CSSPI Chip select
2MISOSPI MISO (Master IN Slave Out)
3MOSISPI MOSI (Master Out Slave In)
4SCLKSPI Clock input
53.3V3.3V Input
6GNDPower supply ground
7GNDPower supply ground
83.3V3.3V Input
9SDAI2C serial data (SDA)
10SCLI2C serial clock (SCL)
11INTInterrupt Pin

The pinout is shown in the below image-

MLX90393 Pin Diagram

Features and Specification of the MLX90393 Module

  1. Operating Voltage: 2.2V-3.6V
  2. Current Consumption: 100µA (Typ.)
  3. Operating Temperature: -20°C – 85°C
  4. Resolution: 0.161µT
  5. Max Full Scale Resolution: 44,000µT
  6. I2C Address: 0xC0
  7. 16-bit AD / high integrated digital, micro power consumption
  8. I2C & SPI (10MHz) output mode
  9. XYZT (can be selected first) three-dimensional absolute position output
  10. Low-cost integrated design
  11. Size: 26mm x 26.3mm x 5mm (L x W X H)

Interfacing Diagram

MLX90393 Interfacing Diagram

The interfacing is quite easy using an I2C bus. The MLX90393 IC can easily be interfaced with any microcontroller having an I2C interface. However, this IC can also be interfaced using SPI protocol.

If the targeted microcontroller does not use I2C pull up resistors, R1 and R2 can be added.


Applications of MLX90393 9-axis Digital Motion Processor

  1. Potentiometer
  2. Remote control, joysticks
  3. Consumer electronics
  4. Direction control

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