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Mouse Encoder is a type of mechanical incremental rotary encoder with feedback data of rotary direction and rotary speed[1]. It features standard Grove interface that will save your lots of work in wiring and programming. Also, it is well adapted to heavy duty and a harsh environment. This product can be applied in toys, robots, and consumer input devices.


It is versatile for different applications in harsh environment such as toys, robotics and consumer input devices.


Operating voltage(V) 3.35.5
Operating current(mA) 1013
Duty(constant speed) 50% 
Phase difference(constant speed) π/4 
Pulse per circle 12

Hardware Overview

Grove interface
Connect main control board such as Seeeduino board with driver board.

Hexagonal opening
An opening you pass a knob through.

Parts list

Parts nameQuantity
Grove – Mouse Encoder(no knob included)1 PC
Grove – Universal Cable1 PC

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