OLED Display 1.12″

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 The visible portion of the OLED measures 1.12” diagonal and contains 96×96(version 1.0) | 128×128(version 2.0) grayscale pixels. Because the display uses OLEDs, there is no backlight, and the contrast is very high.

This OLED uses the SSD1327(V1.0) or SH1107G(V2.1) driver chip, which manages the display. You can talk to the driver chip using 4-wire I2C (clock, data, power, and GND pins).


  • Communicate Mode: I2C
  • Grayscale Display: 16 Gray shades.
  • Supports both Normal and Inverse Color Display.
  • Supports Continuous Horizontal Scrolling.
  • Grove compatible Interface


Product VersionChangesReleased Date
Grove – OLED Display 1.12″ V1.0InitialMar 2012
Grove – OLED Display 1.12″ V2.1Change the driver IC from SSD1327 to SH1107G, upgrade the grayscale pixels from 96X96 to 128X128Nov 2015


Operating Voltage3.⅗ V
Dot Matrix96×96
Display Color16 Grayscale
OLED DisplayLY120-96096
Driver ChipSSD1327Z
Dot Size0.15(W)mm x 0.15(H)mm
Dot Pitch0.75(W)mm x 0.175(H)mm
Operating Temperature-40~70 oC

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