OPT3101 : ToF-based long-range proximity and distance sensor

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The OPT3101 device is a high-speed, high-resolution AFE for continuous-wave, time-of-flight based proximity sensing and range finding. The device integrates the complete depth processing pipeline that includes the ADC, timing sequencer, and the digital processing engine. The device also has a built-in illumination driver that covers most of the target applications.

Features :

  • Long-Range Distance Measurement, Obstacle Detection and Avoidance
  • Flexibility to Customize Design With a Wide Variety of Photodiodes and Emitters
  • Sample Rate up to 4 kHz
  • 16-Bit Distance Output at 15-m Unambiguous Range
  • De-Aliasing to Extend the Distance Range
  • Supports 3 Transmitter Channels for Multi-Zone Operation
  • Excellent Ambient and Sunlight Rejection
  • 200-nA Full-Scale Signal Current
  • 88-dB Signal Phase Dynamic Range at 1 kHz

  • Supports DC Ambient up to 200 µA, 60-dB Rejection for Ambient at 1 kHz
  • Distance Measurement Independent of Object Reflectivity
  • Adaptive HDR to Save Power and Increase the Dynamic Range
  • Configurable Event Detection and Interrupt Output Mechanism
  • I2C Interface for Control and Data
  • Integrated Illumination Driver With Programmable Current Control up to 173 mA
  • Integrated Temperature Sensor for Calibration
  • Single 3.3-V or 1.8-V and 3.3-V Supply Operation
  • Operating Ambient Temperature: –40 to 85°C

Applications :

Precise Long-Range Distance Measurement
– Background Suppression and Accurate Object
Counting in High-Speed Conveyor Belt
– Precise Displacement Sensing in Factory
– Non-Contact Distance and/or Level
Measurement in Harsh Environments (High Temperature or Hazardous Conditions)
• Obstacle Detection and Avoidance
– Precise Distance Measurement for Drone
Landing and Navigation
– Cliff and Edge Detection in Vacuum Cleaners
(No False Triggers From Dark Carpets)
– Perimeter Scan in Automatic Guided Vehicle
Like Lawnmowers, Robots
– Obstruction Sensing in Applications Such as
Smoke Detectors, Emergency Exits

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