PAC7640: Enhanced QE Global Shutter Image Sensor

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General Description

PAC7640 is a global shutter image sensor with enhanced Quantum Efficiency (QE) in the NIR region. PAC7640 is well suited for applications where conservation of NIR LED power is critical. It features 400×400 resolution with image capture capability of 120 frame per second (fps) at full resolution.

The sensor comes with an integrated image sensor ISP. In addition, the PAC7640 also allows for multiple camera synchronization, which makes it suitable for 3D stereo type applications. All ISP functionalities can be controlled through register settings via I2C.

Key Features

  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Enhanced QE in NIR region
  • FSYNC signal to synchronize sensors
  • Data format: Full 8/10 bit RAW
  • MIPI CSI2 for data interface
  • Programmable MIPI virtual channels
  • I2C with speed up to 400 kbit/s as control interface
  • Configurable LED Pulse width
  • Register programmable device ID
  • Image Signal Processing (ISP) features
  • Lens distortion correction (LDC)
  • Lens shading correction (LSC)
  • Auto Exposure and Gain Control
  • Intensity Histogram


  • 3D Stereo type mapping
  • Gesture recognition
  • Face recognition

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