PAW3003QS-THQT: Optical Finger Navigation Chip

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The PAW3003QS-THQT is a high performance and low power CMOS-process optical chip with integrated DSP serving as a non-mechanical motion estimation engine to implement as finger mouse and also known as Optical Finger Navigation (OFN). It is based on new optical navigation technology which measures variation in position by optically acquiring sequential surface images (frames) and mathematically determining the direction and magnitude of movement. The movement of △X and △Y are available in the registers accessed via serial port.


Figure 2: Pinout


Figure 3: Reference Schematic


  • Precise optical motion estimation technology
  • Operating voltage:
    • VDDM: 2.5~3.6V
    • VDDIO: 1.62~3.6V
  • Operating temperature: -20 ~ 60°C
  • Power saving mode during time of no finger movement (in LPT sleep1, LPT sleep2 mode)
  • Motion detection up to 30 inches/sec
  • Support two/four/eight directional modes
  • Enhance with adaptive CPI
  • Support optical touch detection and single / double click
  • Support Inertia function
  • Hardware reset and power down is supported for flexible system control

Applications :

  • Smart Homes, Offices & Classrooms
  • Wearables

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