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  • Operating voltage range of 2.3V to 3.6V
  • 512KB Flash memory (plus an additional 12 KB of Boot Flash)
  • 128KB SRAM memory
  • MIPS16e® mode for up to 40% smaller code size
  • Pin-compatible with most Microchip 16-bit devices
  • Low-power management modes (Idle and Sleep)
  • Peripheral Pin Select (PPS) functionality
  • Up to 4 channels of hardware DMA with automatic data size detection
  • Four UARTs and two I2C™ modules
  • Hardware Real-Time Clock and Calendar (RTCC)
  • Five 16-bit Timers/Counters (two 16-bit pairs combine to create two 32-bit timers)
  • Five Capture inputs and Five Compare/PWM outputs
  • External graphics interface with up to 34 PMP pins
  • Audio data communication: I2S, LJ, RJ, USB
  • Audio data control interface: SPI and I2C™
  • Audio data master clock:
    • Generation of fractional clock frequencies
    • Can be synchronized with USB clock
    • Can be tuned in run-time
  • Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU):
    • Supports mTouch™ capacitive touch sensing
    • Provides high-resolution time measurement (1 ns)
    • On-chip temperature measurement capability
  • ADC Module:
    • 10-bit 1Msps rate with one Sample and Hold (S&H)
    • Up to 28 analog inputs
    • Can operate during sleep mode
  • Comparators:
    • Two dual-input Comparator modules
    • Programmable references with 32 voltage points
  • In-circuit and in-application programming
  • 4-wire MIPS® Enhanced JTAG interface
  • Unlimited program and six complex data breakpoints
  • IEEE 1149.2-compatible (JTAG) boundary scan

Integrated Development Environment :

MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment (IDE) ( MPLAB-X-IDE )

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