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RL78/G1D microcontrollers support Bluetooth® Low Energy and realized the lowest level of current consumption in the industry at 4.3 mA RF transmission current (0 dBm output) and 3.5 mA RF receiving current. Since circuit elements necessary for connecting an antenna are built in, not only does this simplify circuit design for the antenna connection, but it also helps reduce the cost of the end product because external parts are not needed. The RL78/G1D module contains the RL78/G1D, a 32 MHz crystal resonator for RF chip, and an antenna, all in a compact (8.95 x 13.35 x 1.7 mm) module. Moreover, the module inherits the functional pins of the RL78/G1D, so not only can you use it for modem configuration, but you can also leverage the strengths of the microcontroller for embedded configuration. The module has obtained Radio Law (Japan, FCC, IC, and CE) and Bluetooth SIG certification.

Features :

  • CPU: RL78 core, Max. 32MHz
  • Voltage: 1.6V to 3.6V
  • Package: 48-pin HWQFN
  • Memory: SRAM Max. 20KB, Program Flash Max. 256KB
  • Timer: 16-bit Timer (ch) x 8, 8-bit Timer (ch) x 8, Watchdog Timer (ch) x 1, 12-bit Interval Timer x 1 ch

  • PWM: PWM Output x 7
  • Analog function: 10-bit A/D Converter (ch) x 8
  • On-chip Oscillator Freq. (MHz): High-Speed: 32, 24, 16, 12, 8, 4, 1MHz
    Low-speed: 15kHz
  • Others: RTC, Power-On Reset, Low Voltage Detection

Applications :

  • Office
  • Home Appliance
  • Healthcare
  • Security



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