TDA5150 : Multiband/Multichannel wireless transmitter

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The TDA5150 is a low cost, multi-channel ASK/FSK/GFSK RF transmitter for the 300- 320 MHz, 433-450 MHz, 863-928 MHz frequency bands with low power consumption and programmable RF-output power of up to +10 dBm. Radio systems built around this transmitter are easy to be designed and to be implemented.

The IC offers a high level of integration and needs only a few external components, such as a crystal, blocking capacitors and the necessary matching elements between the power amplifier output and the antenna.

An integrated high-resolution fractional-N PLL synthesizer interconnected with a sigma- delta modulator covers all of the above listed frequency bands, using the same crystal for reference frequency and Baud-rate generation.

All the major functions of the chip are controlled over SFR registers, which at their turn are accessible over a 3-wire SPI bus (Serial Peripheral Interface).

The user-configurable digital modulator allows precise settings of FSK modulation parameters and Gaussian shaping (GFSK), which directly contributes to reduction of occupied bandwidth and efficient spectrum usage.

The output power of the integrated C-class RF power amplifier is controlled over SFR registers and if necessary, the power can be downsized (reduced) in digital steps. The ASK shaping option contributes to reduced harmonics and minimized spectral splatter.

On-chip antenna tuning capacitors are available, the capacitor bank switching (for antenna tuning) is accomplished over SFR registers.

The data encoder supports NRZ, Manchester, Bi-Phase, and Miller encoding.

Features :

  • High resolution Sigma-Delta fractional-N PLL synthesizer (frequency step size down to 7 Hz)
  • Multiband/Multichannel capability for the 300-320 MHz, 433-450 MHz and 863-928 MHz bands
  • Modulation types ASK (OOK) with ASK shaping, FSK (CPFSK) and GFSK
  • Multi-channel and channel hopping capability, 4 register banks for fast Tx frequency switching
  • Configurable via 3-wire serial interface bus (SPI)
  • Manchester, Bi-Phase, and Miller encoding, on-chip PRBS9 scrambler
  • Continuous checking of chip status by Fail-Safe mechanism
  • Transparent and synchronized RF modulation mode
  • Programmable clock divider output
  • Configurable output power level from -10 dBm to +10 dBm, in 2 dB nominal steps
  • Supply voltage range 1.9 V – 3.6 V, 2 low battery detection thresholds, preset to 2.4 V and 2.1 V
  • Low supply current (Sleep Mode < 0.8 µA, RF transmission 9 mA @ +5 dBm)
  • ESD protection up to + 4 kV at all pins
  • Operating temperature range -40° C to +85° C
  • Green Package TSSOP-10

Applications :

  • Short range wireless data transmission
  • Remote keyless entry transmitters
  • Remote control units
  • Wireless alarm systems
  • Remote metering
  • Garage door openers


Typical Application Circuit

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