TDA5240 : Multichannel Wireless Receiver

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The IC is a low power ASK/FSK Receiver for the frequency bands 300-320, 425-450, 863-870 and 902-928 MHz. Bi-phase modulation schemes, like Manchester, bi-phase mark, bi-phase space and differential Manchester are supported.

The chip offers best-in-class sensitivity performance at a very high level of integration and needs only a few external components.

The device is qualified to automotive quality standards and operates between -40 and

+105°C at supply voltage ranges of 3.0-3.6 Volts or 4.5-5.5 Volts.

The receiver is realized as a double down conversion super-heterodyne/low-IF architecture each with image rejection supplemented by digital signal processing in the baseband. A fully integrated Sigma-Delta Fractional-N PLL Synthesizer allows for high- resolution frequency generation and uses a crystal oscillator as the reference. The on- chip temperature sensor may be utilized for temperature drift compensation via the crystal oscillator.

Features :

  • Enhanced sensitivity receiver
  • Multi-band/Multi-Channel (300-320, 425-450, 863-870 and 902-928 MHz)
  • One crystal frequency for all supported frequency bands
  • 21-bit Sigma-Delta Fractional-N PLL synthesizer with high resolution of 10.5 Hz
  • Up to 4 parallel parameter sets for autonomous scanning and receiving from different sources reduces significantly host processor power consumption and system standby power consumption
  • Up to 12 different frequency channels are supported with 10.5 Hz resolution each
  • Autonomous receive mode leads to reduced noise of host processor and improved system performance
  • Ultrafast Wake-up on RSSI
  • Fast synchronization on incoming data stream typically within first 4 bits of a telegram
  • Selectable IF filter bandwidth and optional external filters possible
  • Double down conversion image reject mixer
  • ASK and FSK capability
  • Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) for carrier frequency offset compensation
  • Supports bi-phase line codes like Manchester, bi-phase mark/space and differential Manchester
  • NRZ data pre-processing capability
  • Digital base band receiver with clock synch, frame synch, format decoding and FIFO
  • Separate outputs for recovered data and clock
  • RSSI peak detectors
  • Wake-up generator and polling timer unit
  • Message ID scanning
  • Unique 32-bit serial number
  • On-chip temperature sensor
  • Integrated timer usable for external watch unit
  • Integrated 4-wire SPI interface bus
  • Supply voltage range 3.0 Volts to 3.6 Volts or 4.5 Volts to 5.5 Volts
  • Operating temperature range -40 to +105°C
  • ESD protection +/- 2 kV on all pins
  • Package PG-TSSOP-28

Applications :

  • Remote keyless entry systems
  • Remote start applications
  • Tire pressure monitoring
  • Short range radio data transmission
  • Remote control units
  • Cordless alarm systems
  • Remote metering

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