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Tessel 2 is a connected hardware prototyping system that you can take into production. It features elegant command line tools that make it simple to deploy code, set Wi-Fi credentials, and manage authentication. It is programmable in JavaScript with the capacity to support other languages as well.

Tessel 2 is also an ecosystem which features plug and play modules require no soldering skill and it is high level APIs could make prototyping even faster than you can image.

Features :

  • 2 Tessel Module Ports

Add sensors and actuators in one step

  • 2 USB ports

Use peripherals like cameras and 3G/4G dongles to add more flash storage

  • 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi

Connected out of the box and wirelessly programmable

  • Ethernet

An ultra-reliable wired connection supports 10/100 ethernet

  • 580MHz Mediatek MT7620n

Execute your program faster

  • 64 MB DDR2 RAM & 32 MB Flash

Plenty of space for your code

  • 48MHz Atmel SAMD21 coprocessor

Real time I.O and better power management

  • MicroUSB

Power and tethered programming

Farees Ahmed

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