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This Grove – Ultrasonic ranger is a non-contact distance measurement module which works at 40KHz. When we provide a pulse trigger signal with more than 10uS through signal pin, the Grove_Ultrasonic_Ranger will issue 8 cycles of 40kHz cycle level and detect the echo. The pulse width of the echo signal is proportional to the measured distance. Here is the formula: Distance = echo signal high time * Sound speed (340M/S)/2. Grove_Ultrasonic_Ranger’s trig and echo signal share 1 SIG pin.


Product VersionChangesReleased Date
Grove-Ultrasonic ranger V1.0InitialMar 2012
Grove-Ultrasonic ranger V2.0Improve the power stability with low-voltage main board with below changes: 1. Added an capacitance C14 2. Redesigned the layout to make it more tidy 3. Compatible with 3.3V voltage systemJuly 2017


Operating voltage3.2~5.2V
Operating current8mA
Ultrasonic frequency40kHz
Measuring range2-350cm
Size50mm X 25mm X 16mm
Measurement angle15 degree
Working temperature-10~60 degree C
Trigger signal10uS TTL
Echo signalTTL

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