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This Article describes the design of a Wi Fi Audio/Video Transmitter which can be used for Wireless Video doorbells, Home and Baby Monitoring, Remote Surveillance, Wireless announcement systems and many other applications.


The Wi Fi Audio Video Transmitter design is based on two Modules :

  • OV798 Module to receive the audio and video Inputs
  • CC3200 Module to transmit the packets over Wi Fi

OV798 Module

The OV 798 is a highly integrated, low power camera video processor recommended for battery operated smart home applications.

Function : The function of the OV 798 processor is to compress video , H.264 Video encoder and audio inputs and transmit it to the CC3200.

Inputs : The Inputs to the OV 798 are the Camera Input from OV9732, Microphone and PIR sensors. 

Outputs : The Outputs from the OV 798 are the serial SPI connection to the CC3200 Module.

CC3200 Module

The CC3200 Module is a Wireless MCU Module which integrates an ARM Cortex M4 MCU, it is used for Wi fi and Host subsystem.

Function : CC3200 is used as a Wi Fi Transceiver, RTSP server/client, it fetches H.264 and audio input from the OV 798 through SPI interface, fragments and formats both video and audio data and then transmits it using the UDP/RTP.  

Inputs : SPI interface from the OV 798, H.264 Video, G711 audio data, RTSP client server commands from the Smartphone application through Wi Fi.

Outputs : Wi Fi Interface.

Interfacing the Modules


Interfacing Protocols : SPI is used for Interfacing OV798 with CC3200, where CC3200 is the Master and OV798 is the slave.

Streaming Protocols : RTCP is the control protocol, RTP is the data protocol

Wi Fi Protocol : 802.11 b/g/n

Firmware Modules

The Firmware required for this application are

RTSP server/client firmware

Video processing firmware

Wi Fi Transceiver firmware

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  1. Vignesh

    Hi Farees,

    I’m currently working on RTSP, instead of OV i’m using Artix Xilinx FPGA as a camera module.

    I have checked the example design from TI, they haven’t have much of an info about RTSP apart from 27 odd page documentation.

    I was wondering if you could provide me some tips on how to approach it. Especially on Wi-Fi firmware.

    I couldn’t get the device to work on AP.

    Thanks in advance!

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